Founded in September 1991 by Alain Hamel, PIERAL’s first and primary mission was the Quebec retail market. With the arrival of successor François Verreault in 2006, we extended its services by adding new retail categories to our portfolio and also by creating a Food Service and Industrial Sales Division.


As a food broker, our foremost mission is to represent food products for all Quebec consumers. From the introduction of a new product to the sales increase of an existing product, we are the ultimate partner of any producer or manufacturer looking to significantly increase their sales.

In the recent years, we have expanded our services to producers and manufacturers by offering sales representation to various grocery chain head offices located in other Canadian provinces. PIERAL is also known to be an integrated food broker: through our sister company Pro Action, we can offer brokerage services in the pharmaceutical industry (www.proaction-courtier.ca).


Our reputation relies on our flexibility and adaptability to the needs of our principals and to the constant changing market conditions. Our biggest wish is to build long term relationships with all of our customers and manufacturers and to grow with them. A strong control over business and a lot of respect for customers and principals are the basis on which Pieral was built.

We manage your business like ours and we manage expenses tightly in both good and less favorable economic times.

PIERAL’s success in the Quebec brokerage market is based on the following 5 factors:

  • Honesty
  • Flexibility
  • Knowledge and experience
  • Selling skills
  • Customer intimacy


Maintain existing sales

  • Sales management at head office
  • Many years of experience in representing manufacturers

Trouble free sales

  • We know the game and all the players
  • We have a major force at head office and everywhere in the field covering all banners.

Increase sales through opportunities

  • Identify and manage sales opportunities
  • Customer intimacy allowing better information flow and more opportunities.

Product and brand development

  • Development based on a complete market analysis, for every targeted customer.